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"Στεεειλτε ανωνυμα και πειτε μου για κατι,για καποιον,για καποτε,για την καλυτερη αναμνηση,για το ποσο την/τον θελετε..κααατι τελος παααντων♥️"

Have you ever:     1. Skipped class?   2. Done drugs?   3. Self harmed?   4. Drank?   5. Shoplifted?   6. Gotten a tattoo?   7. Broken up with someone?
What's your favorite:     8. Show?   9. Movie?   10. Song?   11. Tumblr?   12. Singer/Band?   13. Memory?   14. Book?
This or that:     15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?   16. Cookies or Cake?   17. Twitter or Facebook?   18. Movies or Books?   19. Coke or Sprite?   20. Blind or Deaf?   21. Tea or Coffee?
What's your:     22. Age?   23. Sign?   24. Height?   25. Sexual orientation?   26. Shoe size?   27. Religion?   28. Longest relationship?
Opinion on:     29. Gay rights?   30. Second chances?   31. Long distance relationships?   32. Abortion?   33. The death penalty?   34. Marijuana ?   35. Love?
Do you:     36. Believe in ghost?   37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?   38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?   39. Love someone?   40. Still watch cartoons?   41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?   42. Like yourself?


Left-hand path (part 2)

I love you for being dirty honey, don’t you ever misunderstood that. I love your sluty shoes. I’ll be loyal to you for the rest of my life. We both share the same amount of pain. The same deal of suicidal thoughts in our life. We are empty. We are hollow. As we pray…

"I smoke because I can’t kiss your lips…"
-(via burned-outt)